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January 23, 2018
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Being innovative and creative is part of being a parent especially when it comes to planning a party. Let us not spring out on the same cliché style of having a birthday cake and balloons and some few snacks but instead be creative for your kid’s big day. Well, times are changing, and it is more of a competition to see who can outdo the other when it comes to throwing a party for your kid. Party themes and venues have quite a taste in these parties. Your Kid’s party is a red-letter day that the kid will always mark and expect lots from the parents.

Here are kids party themes that will make the day stick in their minds forever.

Minion Theme Party

A minion themed party has been the best theme for kids’ parties since the minions’ movie hit the cinemas. It is because they can actually relate; from being the very impulsive creatures with odd innocence to having little or no self-control. In a minion themed party, your kid could have a special appearance of a real minion mascot. Start off the party by having cute minion invitation cards. That way, whoever is not a minion fan will already be in the know of the party theme. The invitation cards can either be homemade or purchased depending on how one would like to get things done.

To add more fun to it all, the minion costumes can be purchased or crafted, and this will give the kids a more sense of adventure and fun as they sing along and dance to the minion sound-track. As mentioned earlier, creativity is the key to having a blast kid party. Since the theme was about minions from the beginning, you can stick to it until the end. To achieve this, a minion cake could be baked, and more minion stuff including the party favors, minion party snacks for instance bananas −as we know minions love bananas− and apples as well and even minion juice. By the end of the day, the kids will have a day filled with fun, excitement and unforgettable moments.

Pokémon theme party

To many kids, the idea of having a Pokémon themed party is fun, interesting and cute. Just like minions, there are lots of fun ideas which include having Pokémon snacks, party favors, decorations and Pokémon games as well. Planning for a Pokémon party might be a ton of work but at the end of it all the kids will be all excited, and a better bond will be created between the parent and the kid. ensures your kid has a fun-filled day and can organize the special appearance from Pikachu. Some of the Pokémon games include Pokémon card hunt, poke ball races, and for the girls, they can learn to bake Pikachu cakes and Pokémon marshmallows, learn how to make Pokémon dessert table and so on. They can be purchased or hand-crafted. There is also a Pokémon training center, and this makes it even more fun for the kids as they can try out different exercises that make them fit. Having party themes makes the day be more eventful and filled with lots of fun.

Art and craft theme party

If you have a kid who loves art, this would automatically be the best theme for their party. Moreover, the art and craft theme is pocket-friendly as most things will be self-crafted. It is simple, easy and less messy especially since most children are involved. A party with the art and craft theme is not only fun for the kid but also helps the children to be more creative. They come up with different ideas on what they will make, how they will craft it, they can solve a problem of the craft or the project if any comes up. Examples of crafts are; necklaces- most kids especially feminine gender would love to craft necklaces and bracelets from maybe clothespins, regular beads or even more exciting, candy. As for the boys, they craft paper boats, paper jets or probably houses. Art and craft theme parties are best hosted outdoors as kids can be very messy.

Pirates Theme Party

A pirates party theme in a good environment is characterized by fancy sailor and pirate costumes where the children can have unlimited fun as they take up these roles, stoking fun and excitement. This Museum also offers different colors for the theme to satisfy the kids’ wants in a ceremonial setting. In a pirate party, there are balloon swords, treasure hunt, themed tattoos, limbo and so on. Kids enjoy themselves unlimitedly.

Magic Show Party

We all know how kids love magicians and being in a circus. Then let’s give it to them during their parties. The magic show parties are not at all gender biased as all kids love magic. In the presence of magical tricks, the kids are always filled with laughter and anxiety to know how the magic tricks are done which makes it more fun. The Alacadabra and Alacazoo make the kids to be the outgoing and the fun type of people. Even more interesting, there are magic themed plates, cupcake wrappers, and bunting. Magicians have skills and know what to and what not to perform depending on the age group of the kids.

Superhero Party

The superhero party is slightly biased as most boys love superhero stuff and girls are more into girlish stuff. All in all, the theme teaches the children how to kick or rather scare away bad guys and more heroic stuff. Provided the kids are careful and will not hurt themselves or others, they will have unlimited fun. There are lots of super-heroes; Spiderman, Captain America and so on. Just choose your kid’s favorite among these. There are exciting games in a superhero party, for instance, treasure hunt, balloon-twisting, pass the parcel and many others. The engagement of the kids in these games makes it more fun for them.

With these kids party themes, the party will always be at its top. Check out flybyfun for more amazing themes and show the kids love in abundance.

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